Please remember that World Wide Web (www) is a system that is accessible to the broad public. When you post personal data online, you make it on your own risk.

Dipol Expert may use “cookie” technology to measure the website activity and may collect specific information to this end, i.e. type of browser and operating system, metric system, geographical location, on an anonymous and consolidated basis, in order to adjust the information to the preferences of each of you.

The children and youths under 18 are advised to obtain the permission of their parent or guardian before posting personal data on this website.

Our sole object of activity is “investigation activities” (NACE Code 8030) falling within the class (category): other activities of investigation and protection of personal belongings and persons, including the investigation and surveillance activities specific to the activity of private detectives.

Generally, Dipol Expert Agency is aimed at all the categories of people. Some persons are however exposed to a higher risk, for reasons such as: financial standing, job, social status or position within a company; it is this category of people that resorts to our agency’s services.

Different situations may occur, including inter alia:

> Spouses may “spy” one another;

> Parents supervise their children;

> Businessmen and scientists “spy” each other;

> Students may “tap” their teachers;
>Insurance companies may supervise the persons claiming damages;
> Sellers “spy” their customers;
> Stores “supervise” the customers and merchandise;
> Television stations or printed media companies infringe the right to intimacy out of the will to obtain successful media materials.

Situations posing potential risk:

> You are a party to any kind of dispute or trial;
> You are about to get married or divorced;
> You run for a public office;
> You work as an officer in a larger company;
> You claimed damages to an insurance company;
> You have an exceptional financial standing;

Note that anyone who has MONEY, POWER or INFLUENCE may be (a) “target”.
Now it is time to take precautions! Get in touch with us!

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