> Activity checks;
> Controlling and checking how one’s spends his spare time;
> Relationship investigation;
> Finding the legal or judicial facts and evidences;
> Finding and investigating the witnesses;
> Theft, scam, threats, pressures and harassment investigations;
> Accompanying and protection services;
> Surveillance of persons or premises, (excluding guard), tailing;
> Tracing missing persons or goods;
> Pre-nuptial or divorce-related investigations;
> Children - checking how they spend their spare time (going to dubious places, fugitives, drugs, sects, etc.);
> Reports to be used before the courts of law.

> Investigations regarding bad debtors and determining how the damages may be recovered;
> Investigations regarding attempts of deceit and economic crimes;
> Unauthorised transmission of information, documents and technology;
> Loss of merchandise and customers;
> Thefts, frauds, scams;
> Fight against unfair competition, infringing products, piracy, etc.;
> Seeking facts and obtaining evidences in commercial and criminal trials;
> Control of real or fraudulent threats;
> Investigation of petty offences and tracing the authors;
> Investigation of excessive expenses;
> Assistance and protection during conflicts.

> Tracing and checking witnesses;
> Obtaining the evidences required in the legal trials;
> Identifying and protecting the goods involved in civil trials;
> Providing specialised assistance to lawyer

> Analysis of IT vulnerabilities;
> Tracking and location of IT system intruders;
> Security and protection of networks and Internet access;
> Prevention and reacting to IT risks;

Organisation and management of events;

> People reception, accompanying and protection;
> Organisation and management of secret meetings;
> Control and supervision of delicate transportations;
> Making available specific technics;
> Checking and tracking communication interceptions;
> Preventing and reacting to competitive risks;
> Analysis, design and installation of security systems.